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scarlet witch

The Witch. Marvel MCU

In the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe's blockbuster, Captain America: Civil War, there was a large cast with some of the most impressive costume designs I've ever seen. Although it was only on screen for a few moments, Wanda Maximoff's (aka the Scarlet Witch) battle costume caught my eye.


Due to its limited screen time, finding reference photos for the costume was difficult. I knew that this was going to be my most complex sewing project to date, and wanted to have all the details sorted out before jumping in.


The corset is made from two red fabrics and has a faux front zipper, as it opens from the back. The jacket was made from two kinds of red vinyl and soft suede. I took a pattern for a pea coat and modified it; creating a full mockup out of old sheets before starting on the vinyl. Once I was confident in the design of the pattern, I constructed the jacket, adding the panels of soft fabric and decorative zippers. The pants and gloves are made from the same ultra-stretchy fabric, and the gloves were lightly sprayed with a red fabric paint.

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