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The Ice Queen. Disney's Frozen

The popularity of the Frozen film, and particularly Elsa, exploded in the months following its release. Elsa's popularity with children inspired me to create her icy dress for future charity events. This was one of my very first sewing projects.


While researching the costume, I had several "What am I getting myself into?!" moments. There were so many tiny details and an unthinkable amount of glitter. I had just learned some sewing basics, and was able to create a corset and simple skirt using three different glittery  fabrics. I used a fabric spray paint to create the gradient on the skirt.


The corset was made from scrapbook paper, using different shades of glitter to create more contrast on some pieces. I cut the paper into tiny strips and layered them onto the corset. The huge cape was an issue because there was no accurate pattern for the snowflakes. I ended up creating one myself, using still frames and footage to create every snowflake individually. For the shoes, I used craft foam to create the snowflake pattern, and covered the entire shoe in more glitter.

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