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commander shepard

The Soldier. Bioware's Mass Effect 3

BioWare's Mass Effect series tells an incredible, immersive story in which no two players will have the same experience. The game allows for personal customization, from your dialogue, plot decisions, and the main character: Commander Shepard.


This costume was the first I ever made. Originally a Halloween costume, I spent months researching construction methods, materials, and reference photos. The armor is made from textured foam exercise mats and thin craft foam. I heated a knife over a flame to cut the foam and held pieces over a heat source to shape it. I included red LED lights on the back of the costume.


The gun was made from a Nerf gun, modified with foam, and painted with acrylics. The orange Omni-tool was made from a clear acrylic sheet. I used a laser cutter to etch and cut the sheet into the correct form based on a file I created. It was then heated and rolled over a large PVC pipe to shape it into the proper cylindrical form. Finally, it was painted with translucent orange paint.

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